Drift Away at The BookStall!

Has the modern, fast-paced and advanced world of technology turned the page on hard cover or paperback books for good?  I know I can’t be the only one who still enjoys putting bunny ears on my pages and sniffing that indescribable smell of a brand new book.   How about trips to the bookstore just to browse endless shelves of unlimited knowledge on just about anything?  Although these simple pleasures may now be extinct to our younger generation, owners Doris & John Ludes of the Book Stall in Marion, strive to keep access to printed books available to the local community. They believe in the value of a good old fashioned local book store.

The Bookstall is a quaint bookstore with handmade specialty gifts, located just minutes away from Tabor Academy High School, with over 50 years of service to the South Coast.  This independently owned store feels like a home away from home.  The family oriented staff believes in the importance of kind and friendly service to every customer that walks through the door. Whether you’re in the neighborhood looking for antiques, shopping the local general store, or browsing for that special gift at Serendipity by the Sea, you won’t regret stopping in the Bookstall for a quiet shopping retreat. Besides, what’s a better gift for you or your loved one than a carefully selected book that will last a lifetime?

When is the last time you had a conversation with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic book lover- just because?  Rhetorical Question. Well then-grab a free cup of coffee or tea and browse the shelves stocked with books on travel, gardening, literature, golf, art, fishing, children’s reads, and many many more!  Feel free to ask a welcoming staff member for suggestions on a great summer read, which book would benefit you visiting the South Coast, or the latest bestselling novel. Can you think of another way to drown out everyday noise by getting lost in a good read?

                                  “Books Without Batteries”

If your book of choice is not available in the store, the folks down at the Bookstall pride themselves on special orders and are more than happy to help you search online and find any new or used book to have ready for in-store pick up at your earliest convenience!  The Bookstall stays loyal to its locals who have the added advantage of home delivery.

You can feel confident your purchase is money well spent because The Book Stall serves the local community through their Affinity Program with proceeds benefiting local charities such as The Loft School; South Coast Children’s Chorus; and Buzzards Bay Habitat for Humanity.  If you are part of a charity ask the Bookstall staff about registering for their Affinity Program.

Want to become an active member of The Bookstall family?  Consider signing up for The Bookstall Book Club or Lucky 13 Frequent Buyers Club for access to special discounts and promotions.  The Bookstall celebrates many local authors and hosts exciting events throughout the year. Be sure to check out their website for additional information, promotions and events at:

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Jenny Lee Paiva
As a young girl I kept a daily journal of my summers on the South Coast and Cape Cod. I love to write about my travels, photograph, and meet tourists and locals who are making a difference in our community. My mission is to keep you updated on all the South Coast has to offer and I welcome you to come along with me on this journey!


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