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Clothing Our Community: Carter’s Clothing & Footwear

The time has come to put away the sandals, swimsuits, and shorts, and get out the sneakers, sweatshirts, and jeans. If you are a local South Coast resident then you know that your wardrobe must change as the seasons in New England!

If you are anything like me, then you will find the positives in the wavering weather, which warrants a reason to update your threads.  But even if you are not a fan of shopping, appreciate a more frugal find, or consider yourself a simple style seeker, then look no further than Carter’s Clothing & Footwear for all your seasonal wardrobe needs!

The Carter family has been clothing the New Bedford community since 1947 with over twenty five years of supreme service.  Kevin Carter, second generation store owner, is committed to carrying out the Carter family promise to provide customers with the guaranteed lowest prices in town.  What’s better than a permanent sale rather than flipping through flyers or chasing a clearance?

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Know that you won’t be searching for a coveted parking spot or feeding the meter when you shop at Carter’s because there is plenty of free off -street parking for your convenience.  Shop with confidence that part of your purchase proceeds are paid forward since the Carter’s team believes in contributing to many local charities and community initiates, including the Boys & Girls Club of New Bedford.

By now, you may have caught wind that Nike has refused to distribute their product to Carter’s as of this past March ,with only a ninety day warning.   Since the Carter family has maintained a good standing account and notable relationship with Nike, questions are being raised as to why this large cooperation would target a smaller family owned business.  Thus, necessary legal action has been taken by the Carter family to search for answers to this perplexing issue.  Although the road ahead seems to be somewhat of a waiting game, the Carter family has no plans of closing the doors anytime soon.

In fact, Kevin Carter is confident that Carter’s Clothing & Footwear will continue to service the New Bedford and Fall River communities for generations to come.

“We are just rolling with the punches with no threat of closing our doors.” -Store Owner, Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter has found the positive and considers the absent Nike account an opportunity to restock and expand several other bestselling brands such as; Supra, New Balance, and Reebok.  You can expect to see a fresh variety of merchandise at your next visit to Carter’s!

Besides boating one of the largest selections of Levi’s I have ever seen, Carter’s is also famous for clothing hard working construction crews as well as those commendable workers who brave the elements on a daily basis. Whether you are in need of a new pair of Timberland work boots, Cahart construction gear, running sneakers, or a memorable Townwear tee-shirt ,(part of the proceeds help support the beautiful New Bedford community), then Carter’s Clothing & Footwear will surely have you covered!

Be sure to check out Carter’s sponsored day trip for a free tee-shirt coupon if you are one of the first five customers to take advantage. Explore these great day trip suggestions on local attractions and dining spots out on the town!

Head down to Carter’s and help support your local community! Buy local, shop local, and dine local.  Because if you think about it, together we can build and maintain a healthy community for unity, which in this modern economy, is what can truly sustain a healthy living environment!



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Jenny Lee Paiva
As a young girl I kept a daily journal of my summers on the South Coast and Cape Cod. I love to write about my travels, photograph, and meet tourists and locals who are making a difference in our community. My mission is to keep you updated on all the South Coast has to offer and I welcome you to come along with me on this journey!


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