Rainy Day Fun

Winter seems to be barreling fast towards the South Coast this year! All of a sudden we have so much rain, and now snow, plaguing us with freezing nights and chilly mornings. With the cold weather comes a season of very bored individuals, but here on the South Coast, we still have a great selection of fun and exciting indoor activities that are perfect for washing away the winter blues.

Carabiner’s Indoor Climbing

A great indoor activity that can get the heart pumping and blood rushing is New Bedford’s Carabiner’s indoor climbing. With walls that stand at 65 ft, Carabiner’s is the tallest rock climbing gym in New England. They also just opened their own fitness area that includes programs such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Zumba and more. Though they do accept walk-ins, they suggest you call ahead for those who are beginners to be sure they have staff available. They also have specific courses for anyone who wants to learn how to rock climb. They offer after school programs, including a youth climbing club, if kids are looking for a creative and exciting indoor activity during this cold season.

Oceans 18

Oceans 18 is a fun indoor activity that is great for friends and family. They have games that are fit for everyone’s personality including an arcade area, their new addition of glow in the dark mini bowling, and a virtual golf simulator. Their glow in the dark mini golfing is Oceans 18’s main attraction and definitely a favorite amongst the locals. Their mini golfing has a colorful, nautical theme to it. Which is perfect for all of us on the South Coast. They are  located right near Flagship Cinemas so it’s a great opportunity to have a fun, indoor activity and then checking out a new movie. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog about Oceans 18!

 New Bedford Whaling Museum

Looking for an activity that is filled with New Bedford’s wonderful history? You should check out the New Bedford Whaling Museum! The museum focuses on New Bedford’s famous whaling industry and it is the largest whaling museum in America. Right when you walk in, you will notice two monstrous skeletons of a Humpback whale and a baby Blue whale, though “baby” is not the first word that comes to mind while looking at the size of the bones. The museum is also home to the world’s largest whale ship model, the Lagoda. They have a collection of over 750,000 items including scrimshaw, logbooks, paintings and more! It is an indoor activity that is fun and exciting with an educational background about New Bedford and its rich history.

Hetland Skating Arena

Hetland Skating Arena is a fantastic indoor activity that still has a winter wonderland feel to it. The arena has many programs designed for skating, such as hockey teams of all ages and FMC skating. They also have reserved time aside from sports that is dedicated to public skating. During the week, public skating is between 1:30 to 3:30p.m, but don’t forget to always check their website in case the times had to be switched around for team meet ups.

Mirasol’s Cafe

What could be better on a rainy day than having a great cup of coffee at your favorite cafe shop? My personal favorite cafe to go to whenever it is gloomy outside, is Mirasol’s Cafe in Dartmouth. Their amazing selection of spanish inspired cuisines and wonderful Chai Tea, lifts up my spirits no matter what the weather is outside. So if you are feeling blue because of the chilly season, I suggest going to your favorite South Coast cafe. It is a great indoor activity that is perfect for relaxing and surrounding yourself with best friends.

And that concludes my list of indoor activities to enjoy during this cold winter and rainy season. Keeping days exciting when the weather won’t let you soak up the sun is vital for fun, active living! Don’t forget to check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide for more exciting activities in the South Coast.

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My name is Corinne and I am currently an undergrad student at Umass Dartmouth, majoring in English and Psychology and an intern with the New Bedford Travel Guide. Born and raised in New Bedford, I know a thing or two about the South Coast and the beauty it offers. I like to consider myself an expeditionist; increasing fascinated with the world, whether it be 6,000 miles away or right in my backyard. I am super excited about this experience and can’t wait to learn skills on how to be a professional journalist. Come and follow me on my journey!


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