South Coast Tattoo Shops

Tattoos are a fantastic way of expressing your creative side or even a great opportunity to honor a newborn that has just entered the world or remember a soul who has passed. Whatever your reason behind getting a tattoo,  know that it is something that requires great thought and confidence within yourself and the tattoo artist. Here on the South Coast, we have many tattoo shops dedicated to giving you the dream tattoo you have been wishing for. Below is a list of tattoo shops in surrounding South Coast towns that are popular among the locals.

Flyin’ Ace

Flyin’ Ace is located on Kempton Street and it is New Bedford’s only piercing studio. The shop is owned by Ken Tetrault who has had over 25 years of experience in tattoo & piercing body art design. They are determined to make sure every customer gets the perfect tattoo desired, whether it is something you have drawn yourself or just a few ideas you’ve entertained, while working in a clean, safe and sterile environment. The main focus is that each customer is comfortable taken care of. Making appointments is desired but they may not accept walk-ins depending on time availability.  Prices start at $50.

Image Pro Tattoo

Recently relocated from Rhode Island, Image Pro Tattoo is located in Acushnet and was established in 1996. The shop has received a first place award from Harley Rendezvous Classic for the most realistic design  and was the Laconia winner for another tattoo by one of his customers. His goal is to make sure every customer has a fun and gratifying experience. If you see or dream of a tattoo, he can and will design it for you.

Darkstar Tattoo

Darkstar is located a few miles away from Umass Dartmouth and Horseneck Beach. They are very popular among college students. It is owned by Troy Wilson and is the first and only tattoo shop in Westport. They have three full time tattoo artists and two body piercers. The staff suggest that customers do research before entering and have reference pictures if interested in a more customized piece. Walk-ins are welcome depending on the design but customers should opt for appointments. The shop minimum is $60 and there is a required minimum of  a $50 non- refundable deposit.

Living Canvas

Living Canvas just recently opened in 2012 in New Bedford and is owned and operated by Jeremy Gaudreau. Even with the recent start, Living Canvas already has a strong following and appointments are booked weekly. They do accept walk-ins depending on time availability or in the case of a cancellation. Living Canvas has a lively atmosphere welcoming all customers who may be looking for the perfect body modification that speaks to their creativity. They also offer discounts of 25% for every American Hero such as firemen, policemen and veterans. Students can recieve 15% off, too!

Thinking about getting a tattoo any time soon? Whether you really want one or you are just starting to think about getting one, you are in great hands of all of these amazing South Coast tattoo shops, who provide nothing more than customer satisfaction! Check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide for more information of local South Coast shops.

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