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History of Inner Bay

Inner Bay 3An old state like Massachusetts amazes its visitors and residents with beautiful history. The landmarks and other buildings still around today are art in themselves for their longevity and aesthetic appearance. While New Bedford has a number of magnificent historic buildings, one in particular has been converted into one of the area’s best places for Portuguese, Italian, and American Food.

The Inner Bay Café, owned by Tony Soares, was built in 1920 as a coffee syrup factory.  Silmo Syrups, as it was called back then, was owned by two brother-in-laws who created one of the area’s most popular coffee syrup companies. Mr. Soares bought the building in 1995 and converted it into his restaurant, The Inner Bay Café.

Much of the original building design was conserved for the Inner Bay, such as the exposed brick walls and wooden beams, giving the interior a rustic hint. After over a year of construction, the old syrup factory was transformed into an elegant café and restaurant.

Inner Bay ElevatorOne of the main features kept from the original factory was the drums-waiter, which was used to transport goods from one floor to another, and is now used to ship meals up to the second floor. This manual elevator uses a pulley system with ropes to go up or down, complete with a manual hand brake that can be controlled from inside the drum-waiter.

Tony Soares added a few unique feature of his own to the already impressive architecture. The first, being a patio overlooking the New Bedford bay, where customers can enjoy the view as they dine on delicious cuisine.

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However, one of the most impressive features of the Inner Bay Café is its special events room. A native of the Azores, Tony Soares imported volcanic rock from these beautiful islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. He then had the dark rocks sliced and the walls were lined with the rock pieces. So, instead of a solid brick wall, you see volcanic rock! Mr. Soares also had whales designed into the walls, representing his second home, the whaling city. On top of all this, the room also includes a portrait of downtown New Bedford beautifully painted on tiles, making the whole room truly a sight to see!

From the old to the new, you won’t find anything like it! Along with their tasty food, the Inner Bay Café provides a wonderful dining experience.

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