The Black Rabbit: Fall River’s Time Machine to the 20’s

Fall River’s Black Rabbit, modeled after the notorious speakeasies of the prohibition era, is a refreshing new addition to the local nightlife. The Black Rabbit’s old-time vibe provides patrons with a unique and memorable thematic experience.


The Black Rabbit’s authenticity is aided by choices in design such as the old fashioned bar top, the tall mirrors behind the bar, the antique golden cash register, the replica bourbon barrels, the mason jar drinking glasses, and the portraits of some of the eras most infamous rum runners lining the walls.

Across from the bar is a luxurious lounge section with several small tables, each with one chair across from a cushioned bench built into the wall. This area is better arranged for couples to have face to face conversations without having to shout or break their necks trying to maintain eye contact.


Without having to use much imagination I can easily picture flapper girls Charleston-ing their way into those booths, sipping martinis, smoking cigarettes, and discussing which jazz musicians are the “cat’s pajamas” or the “bee’s knees.”

The Black Rabbit has a somewhat basic selection of beers on draft ranging from domestic brews such as Bud Light, to imports such as Stella Artois, to craft offerings such as Samuel Adams. The bar staff was friendly and attentive and the patrons were social and welcoming during my night at The Black Rabbit. There were only about ten people present on the Friday of my visit, but the frigid February night is a likely culprit for the low attendance.

There were also a few things that detracted from my experience at The Black Rabbit. Every song I heard was either mainstream hip hop or “dance-y” pop music which caused me to forget about the speakeasy theme from time to time.

Don’t show up hungry because there is no kitchen and the staff frowns upon patrons bringing their own food.

There are also some odd raises and drops in the elevation of the floor, which aren’t easily detectable (I twisted my ankle from tripping over one of these as I was exiting).

Whether you’re a Fall River local or just a passing visitor, The Black Rabbit is a worthwhile stop for anybody with an interest in the prohibition era, old fashion decor, or even just someone seeking a change from the typical bar experience.

The Black Rabbit is located at 85 Anawan Street in downtown Fall River and is walking distance from several other popular local bars. It’s convenient location and hassle-free parking makes it difficult to think of a reason to not stop in for a drink; it could become your new go-to brew house. It’s also worth mentioning that The Black Rabbit frequently hosts musical events and live performances performances; visit their Facebook page at for scheduling information.

So what are you waiting for?! Put on your glad rags, grab yourself a Jane, and come drink a jar of bootleg giggle juice! The Black Rabbit will be waiting at the door to greet you.


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