Buddy’s Pizza Pub: Local Music Acts, Amazing Atmosphere, and Incredible Craft Beer

Why you and your buddies should go to Buddy’s:

Buddy’s Pizza Pub is a hidden gem located at 547 West Grove Street in Middleboro Massachusetts. Although this blog intends to provide insight into the types of experiences provided by different restaurants and bars in the Fall River and New Bedford areas, Buddy’s Pizza Pub is almost the same distance away from those areas as they are from one another. Since Fall River, New Bedford, and Buddy’s in Middleboro are all roughly 15 to 25 minutes away from each other, they could certainly qualify as “local” to each other. Why is it important to support your local businesses? This chart provides an explanation:



After visiting some of the bars in Fall River, I remembered that a mere 20 minutes away, my close friend Nick’s band AdapterAdapter was playing a set at a place called Buddy’s Pizza Pub. After my iPhone informed me of how short of a drive it would be (19 minutes), I hopped in the car and was off!

Before I knew it, I was walking into Buddy’s and was greeted by many of my friends who had also come out to show their support. I wasn’t originally planning on including Buddy’s Pizza Pub in my blog, but after having an unforgettable experience there, I felt as though I’d be doing an incredible disservice to the New Bedford Travel Guide if I were to exclude it. Here’s why:

Fans of craft beer and live music will fall in love with Buddy’s.


Beer doesn’t believe in taking things slow.

After being welcomed by friends, I made a bee-line to the bar in hopes that my craft beer itch would be scratched. I was already excited and hopeful because I noticed that my friend Jimmy, the drummer in AdapterAdapter, was drinking Southern Tier’s 2x Stout. Although the fantastic 2x stout is not rare in any decent liquor store, I had never seen it offered at a bar before.

Service started out relatively slow but luckily the servers began picking up the pace as the night went on. I was happy to forgive their slow start once I saw this on the menu:

Buddy’s offers a Full Bar with pretty much any liquor you could imagine with 12 Draft Beer Lines featuring some incredible Craft Beer selections and also offering over 40 Bottled Beers Choices

Buddy’s Pizza Pub knows how to “do” beer. Although 12 taps doesn’t qualify as a whole lot of variety, every tap is loaded up with a carefully selected keg of choice fizzy goodness from high profile craft breweries such as Jack’s Abby, Troegs, The Lost Abbey, Hebrew, and Lagunitas. The special attention Buddy’s pays to the needs and “wants” of craft beer drinkers is displayed through their thoughtful tap selections and their selection of 40 bottled craft beers. Whether the employees at Buddy’s are actual craft beer lovers, or they’ve just simply done their beer homework, the beer quality and selection offered at Buddy’s is bound to garner them a loyal following.


These people would love Buddy’s.

Great food and atmosphere: Buddy’s is like a home away from home.

The “featured image” for this article (located at the top of the page) is exactly what someone would see as they enter Buddy’s Pizza Pub. The interior design of Buddy’s Pizza Pub is surprisingly pristine, modern, and tasteful. It looks nothing like the traditional images that the words “pizza pub” evokes in my imagination.


I was expecting Buddy’s to be more like this traditionally bland pizza pub, or at least something akin to a sad cafeteria with Maury Povich and soap operas playing on the TVs.

The food at Buddy’s Pizza Pub is Italian and American with other typical bar foods. There are some menu options that stand out such as lobster ravioli and tacos. I tried a slice of Buddy’s cheese pizza and although I remember enjoying it, it didn’t leave a lasting impression on my taste buds. Food prices at Buddy’s aren’t a humungous value; most entrees cost eight to thirteen dollars, however their specials frequently include deals such as “half-offs” and “buy-one-get-one’s” on certain nights. This information as well as their menu information can be found on Buddy’s website at www.buddyspizzapub.com.

The live music performed at Buddy’s has local cultural significance.

The musical acts I watched at Buddy’s, including my friends band, were inspiring to me in more than one way. I was excited to see bands playing original songs mixed with clever covers. None of the acts played the cliche songs one might expect to hear from a bar band, a la “Margarita-ville,” “Piano Man,” or “Sweet Home Alabama.” Most of the songs were either revamped blues standards or tasteful takes on pleasant surprises such as T-Rex’s “Bang A Gong,” Canned Heat’s “On The Road Again,” or something more soulful like a Ray Charles number. It was refreshing to see real local bands that are actually trying to make it somewhere musically and not a washed up folkie who only showed up for the free beer offered to performers. Overall, my favorite part of the night was when…

I was offered a time slot to perform on the spot, I did.

Apparently the performers ran out of material to play prematurely and since my friend’s band AdapterAdapter had connections with the owner of Buddy’s and told him I play guitar and sing, I was offered to play my very own spur of the moment acoustic set. Although I was surprised, out of practice, and pretty buzzed, I had an amazing time performing and the crowd was warm, supportive, and attentive. I performed covers of Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” Olivia Tremor Control’s “I Have Been Floated,” Nirvana’s version of “The Man Who Sold the World,” and The Band’s “Up On Cripple Creek.” Going to Buddy’s Pizza Pub was one of the best places I have experience in the Fall River/New Bedford area thus far. Is there any evidence of my epic night out at Buddy’s? Does it sound too good to be true? I’ll leave you with this…


Pictured: Nick and I in full swoon-mode.

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