Fairhaven Town Center Day Trip

by Ian Borim

The Fairhaven Town Center Day Trip takes visitors through Fairhaven’s historic Town Center, a peaceful and historic area dense with beautiful architecture. The Town Center features buildings in a variety of architectural styles, with several created by the noted architect Charles Brigham. Most of these architectural masterpieces were financed by Fairhaven’s very own Standard Oil magnate, Henry Huttleston Rogers. Aside from being a very wealthy businessman and a generous benefactor, Mr. Rogers was as a friend of famous figures such as Mark Twain, Helen Keller, and Booker T. Washington. They spent considerable time in Fairhaven, and Mr. Mark Twain is known to have donated a set of books to the Millicent Library and given a funny speech for the opening of Fairhaven’s Town Hall.

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Fairhaven Town Hall

Fairhaven, MA

Ian says: It is luxurious and originally held all the town’s government offices, post office, and police station with 3 jail cells, and auditorium.

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Millicent Library

Fairhaven, MA

Ian says: This beautiful Italian Renaissance-style library was donated in the name of Rogers’ daughter Millicent, who died in 1890 at the age of 17.

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Tabitha Inn (Our Lady's Haven)

Fairhaven, MA

Ian says: This Inn was built for the increasing number of visitors to Fairhaven, and was one of the finest hotels outside of Boston or New York.

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Unitarian Memorial Church

Fairhaven, MA

Ian says: This church has the aesthetics of a European cathedral, reminiscent of Cambridge University, the Notre Dame, or even Hogwarts Castle.

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Fairhaven High School

Fairhaven, MA

Ian says: It has marble floors, oak paneling, stained glass, carved gargoyles, and the first indoor basketball court in an American high school.

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Delano Homestead Bed and Breakfast

Fairhaven, MA

Ian says: Spend the night at President FDR's boyhood summer home. This historic building has been converted to a bed and breakfast.


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