South Dartmouth Biking Adventure

by Ian Borim

Grab a friend or two for this biking adventure through South Dartmouth! Enjoy biking through miles of beautiful coastal New England, a yummy picnic, nature, history, and incredible views!  See the bay, the harbor, farmlands, beaches, fields of flowers, and classic New England rock walls—the kind Rober Frost writes about in his famous poem “Mending Wall.”

1.Head toward the harbor and cross the Padanaram Bridge, a swing bridge transecting Apponagansett Bay. This stretch offers excellent views of the bay and the boats in Padanaram Harbor.

2. Turn left onto Smith Neck Rd. and enjoy the coastal and rural views.

3. Continue up the incline on Smith Neck—it’s worth it! At the top, you’ll have an excellent view of Buzzards Bay!

Turn right onto Little River Rd. and see how fast you can go zooming down the straight descent.

Stop at the bridge to take in the views of where Little River joins Buzzards Bay.

Continue onto Potomska Rd. This is probably the most scenic stretch of the bike route. You will see the river, salt marshes, woodland, farms, and miles of classic New England rock walls.

4.At the fork, bear left to continue onto Rock O’Dundee Rd. Take care not to accidentally take Gaffney Rd, which is a dead end.

On Rock O’Dundee Road, you will cross a small river flowing under the road. This is the Slocum/Paskamansett River, and the falls are locally referred to as Coca Cola Falls because of the dark color of the water.

5.Turn left onto Russells Mills Rd.

Head down the little hill and find the park on your left.

6. Walk to the right a bit. You will see a sign for the DNRT hanging high up above. Take the trail up the hill, and follow the yellow squares tacked on to trees until your reach the daffodils.

7. Collect your bikes from Russells Mills Landing, and take a right as you leave the park, climbing the hill you came down earlier.

This time, continue straight, and you will see an old-fashioned wooden building on your right.

8.Continue to the right on Russells Mills Road as you leave Davoll’s General Store.

9.Follow Russells Mills Road for about 2 more miles, then turn right onto Gulf Rd.

Follow Gulf Rd. through the little rotary and intersection down to Apponagansett Bay. Enjoy the downhill stretch.

10.You have will have completed a loop, and will be back at the bridge you crossed at the beginning of the trip. Cross it again to get back to Padanaram.


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Padanaram Village

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: Start the trip from the scenic harbor village of Padanaram.

beach plum
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Beach Plum Bakery Café

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: Grab a few picnic packs from Beach Plum, which come with a yummy sandwich, chips, a drink, and a cookie. My favorite is the ham sandwich.

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Salvador's Ice Cream

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: You have the picnic food in your bag, but it might be worth a quick stop for a cone at the milk can ice cream stand.

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Lloyd Center for the Environment

Ian says: Stop by the Lloyd Center for your picnic. After refueling, see some of the exhibits and don't miss the view from the observation deck!

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Russells Mills Village

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: You are now in Russells Mills Village, one of the oldest settlements in the area! Check out the 18th and 19th century buildings!

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Russells Mills Landing

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: Stretch and relax at this park, then lock up the bikes and cross Russells Mills Road by foot.

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Daffodil Field at Parsons Reserve

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: The 3 acres of white and yellow daffodils at Parsons Reserve is pretty remarkable, and a great place to get your energy back up.

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Davoll's General Store

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: While you're in the area, you have to stop by one of the country's oldest general stores. Have a snack or something to drink!

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Salt Marsh Pottery

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: On your left you'll pass Slocum Design Studio in the Salt Marsh Pottery building. This is where your Travel Guide is made!

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Dockside Ice Cream

Dartmouth, MA

Ian says: After a completing a 17 mile tour of South Dartmouth, you deserve an (additional) ice cream!


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