9th Annual Connecting for Change

Date: October 25, 2013
Time: 9:30 am  to  5:15 pm

Friday October 25- Sunday October 27, 2013

Connecting for Change: A Bioneers by the Bay Conference presented by the Marion Institute is a three-day event for positive change in New Bedford and the greater community. Connecting for Change works to educate and inspire change through a variety of fun and interactive activities and presentations. The event brings innovators in environment, industry, and social justice to discuss practical improvements and solutions in areas such as environmental sustainability, women and youth empowerment, and food and farming. Get involved with Connecting for Change and enjoy:

  • delicious organic and locally grown food
  • inclusive family programs
  • workshops
  • music
  • art installations
  • films
  • farmers’ market
  • sustainable businesses and organizations
  • community action center
Friday & Saturday 9:30am – 5:15pm with evening performances following and Sunday 9:30am-3:15pm.

For more information, visit the Connecting for Change website: http://www.marioninstitute.org/connecting-for-change


Photo Credit: Connecting for Change: A Bioneers by the Bay Conference and Kevin Trimmer Photography