Fairhaven High School


Fairhaven High School, near the Fairhaven Town Center, was donated to the town of Fairhaven in 1906 by the Standard Oil magnate and Fairhaven resident Henry Huttleston Rogers. The high school building features influences of Elizabethan architecture worked into the school’s design by Charles Brigham, including: marble floors, oak paneling, stained glass windows, a beamed ceiling auditorium, and carved wooden gargoyles. The school also benefitted from pioneering school features and technology, such as the first indoor basketball court in an American high school, an electric¬†generating¬†plant, industrial arts rooms, home economics kitchens, and a student garden.

The building has retained its classic aesthetics partly because of a legend that any renovations to the exterior would revert the building back to ownership by the Rogers family. There is even an underground passage that connects the school to a more modern addition.

Henry Rogers himself graduated from Fairhaven’s original wooden high school, and chose to build the educational palace of a high school to inspire Fairhaven students to associate learning and the pursuit of education with glory.