Russells Mills Village


Russells Mills Village is a local historic district in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. It is the oldest European settlement in Dartmouth, and the best preserved, retaining much of the 19th century architectural style. This classic New England village is nestled alongside the Paskamanset/Slocum River, which keeps its Wampanoag name—Paskamanset—in the fresh water area, and takes the name of its European explorer—Slocum—downstream. The location was chosen because the river provided an excellent power source to run mills in the area. At one time, there were 11 known operating mills in Russells Mills. Most of these mills have not survived, but Mill Pond and Mill Falls exist as visual reminders of the industrial center that existed here.

Russells Mills Village is a beautiful area, with an atmosphere reminiscent of daily life at an earlier time. Highlights of the area include Davoll’s General Store, which was originally a storage house in the 1700’s, and continues service today; Alderbrook Farm, a sustainable family farm with barn animals, fresh bread, eggs, local produce and locally made products; the Daffodil Field at Parson’s Reserve; Russells Mills Landing; and the Salt Marsh Pottery building, where your New Bedford Travel Guide is made!


Image retrieved from: Wikimedia Commons.