Wicked Clean Dog
Wicked Clean Dog

Wicked Clean Dog


What’s in a name? Well, we are for starters! The word “Wicked” Most New Englanders know and use on a frequent basis very often put this adjective in front of other adjectives like “wicked cool”, “I’m wicked tired” and of course our favorite “That’s Wicked Awesome” and oh yeah let’s not forget why you are here, “That’s a wicked clean dog!” that’s where we come in.

The formation of Our Company Wicked Clean Dog stems from our lifelong love & knowledge for animals and wanting more options when it came to grooming our loved ones and specialty products in our area. Seeing this need I decided to leave Corporate America and pursue this love & passion full time. Our daughter an experienced groomer herself also brings to the table her passion and love for dogs which is evident with every dog she touches.

We are a family run business and it is truly a business we are all proud of and proud to serve a piece of the south coast with quality service and quality products.

We are here to pamper your loved one while with us at Wicked Clean Dog. Whether they are here for just a quick nail trim, bath or a full day at the spaw we are confident and want you to feel confident your loved one will have a great stay with us while they are here.

Thank you for letting us serve you and your loved one(s)

From all of us at Wicked Clean Dog!