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  1. William Mullin

    We are a full service Electrical Contractor in Southeastern Massachusetts. If you are ever in...
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  2. Janine Carreau

    Janine Carreau

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  3. mark medeiros

    mark medeiros

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  4. Kevin Luiz

    Kevin Luiz

    My name is Kevin and I am the lead cinematographer over at Slocum Design Studio....
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  5. nick francis

    nick francis

    A native of Dartmouth. Massachusetts, Nick Francis is the Massachusetts-based Chief Visionary Officer (CVO), Creative...
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  6. Jenny Lee Paiva

    I am a woman of many passionate endeavors.  I never stop learning.  My greatest contribution...
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  7. Ian Borim

    Ian Borim

    Hi, I’m a college student from Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and I love New Bedford!
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  8. Matthew Neumann

    Matthew Neumann

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  9. Brendan Lincoln

    Brendan Lincoln

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  10. Slocum Studio

    Slocum Design Studio is a full service digital media design studio located in historic Dartmouth,...
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